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Sanitation Branch

The objective and function is development and application of sanitary measures for the sake of cleanness, protecting health etc as in the provision of clean sewer water and the disposal of waste.


CBC covers an area of 12676 acres (approx) consisting of both Residential & Commercial areas.

Daily Generation of Solid Waste    -   380 Tons (approx)

Land fil Site   -   Surjani Town (45 Km Distance)

Sectors    -    5x Sectors outsourced to private contractors annually


  • Anti-Malaria
  • Lif Guard
  • Fire Station
  • Grave Yard
  • M.T Workshop


  • Anti-Malaria
  • Lif Guard
  • Fire Station
  • Grave Yard
  • M.T Workshop

Message for Public

  • Hand over domestic waste to the daily visiting CBC compactors, instead of throwing in the open or in front of some other residence, office or work place etc.
  • Don’t spoil area/restrict streets/roads by strewing around construction debris/martial
  • Don’t harm clean lines/environment by throwing away flower pots. Pieces of wood. packing material, old blankets,rags,carpets and furniture etc in the open
  • Don’t create slush-damage roads, street etc and create difficulties for public by allowing spillage of water from your residence/store/shop etc.
  • Do not cleanliness/environment/public convenience by dumping junk vehicles etc at unauthorized places-open plots
  • Do not dirty the area by strewing around branches of trees, plants, tree trunks, garden earth, grass and fertilizers etc.
  • Avoid dirtying the area/creating unhygienic conditions by throwing away cooked/uncooked food, oils, bones, peals of fruits /vegetables, tissue papers, empty food boxes etc, in front of hotels.
  • Do not encroach area/create public inconvenience by placing shop/store/workshop/hotel material in open spaces.
  • Do not dirty the area /harm environment by throwing waste of meat /fish/chicken etc in open space.
  • Do not harm cleanliness/environment by strewing rotten vegetables, fruit, peals and empty crates etc, in open areas.
  • Do not harm cleanliness/environment by throwing canine waste in the open.
  • Do not encroach/restrict/obstruct road sides/open spaces causing inconvenience to public and public transport by erecting tents, temporary/shanty accommodation.

Sectorial Division (MAP)

Vigiliance Squad

  • Surveillance of assigned jurisdiction

  • Reporting of garbage points

  • Counter checking of reported areas

  • Counter checking of contractor’s resources

  • Verification of residents’ complaints

  • Imposition of fines and warnings

  • Submitting weekly reports

Fire Brigade

  • The CBC Fire Brigade is housed in its own 200- square yard building that was completed in September 2000. The fire brigade has always responded to the call of duty with dedication, efficiency and courage and effectively dealt with and controlled a number of fires that broke out in CBC/DHA areas at different times.
  • As a community service the Fire brigade also provides training with demonstration to school children on fire hazards and how to act in fire emergencies. Children from many famous schools in CBC/DHA areas visit the fire brigade for this purpose.

HELPLINE :021-35876726 021-35370656

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