Horticulture Provides natural aesthetics to the infrastructure, provides clean and healthy environment for CBC resident. Whenever people visit the CBC area they feel a distinction in quality of beautification not only in Parks but also on the road. Horticulture plays a significant role in providing a healthy Environment and recreational facilities to the residents


S.No Parks Location Acre
1.  Multani Park Ph-I 1.005 Acre
2. Agha Khan Park Korangi Road. Ph-II. 0.54 Acre
3.  Dispensary Park South circular Avenue Ph-II. 0.42 Acre
4.  Children Park South circular Avenue. Ph-II. 0.167 Acre
5.  South Park First South Street. Ph-II. 01 Acre
6.  16th Staff Lane Park 16th Staff Lane Ph-II. 0.20 Acre
7.  Defence Garden Park Korangi Road Ph-II 0.5 Acre
8.  Ph-II Ext Park Ph-II Ext. 0.36 Acre
9.  Mother Park Ph-II Ext in front A1 Snack 0.36 Acre
10.  Twin Park 6th & 7th Comm Street Ph-IV. 0.53 Acre
11.  Ph-IV Park Behind of Ph-IV Imam Bargah 0.30 Acre
12. Khan Kallat Park Gizri Behind Petrol pump. Ph-IV 0.26 Acre
13.  Army Housing Park A&B Zamzama. Ph-V 01 Acre
14.  Mini Parks (66 Nos ) Seaview Township Ph-V 12 Acre
15.  Hilal park Kh-e-Hilal Ph-VI (Jogging Track=440 Mtr) 4.52 Acre
16.  Nishat Park 13th Street Muhafiz Ph-VI 0.91 Acre
17.  Darakshan Park Seaview Bukhari Road Ph-VI 1.2 Acre
18.  Bukhari Park Kh-e-Bukhari Ph-VII (Jogging Track=450 Mtr) 3.21 Acre
19.  Rahat park Kh-e-Rahat Ph-VII (Jogging Track=330 Mtr) 2.21 Acre
20.  Ph-VII Park Kh-e-Badban Ph-VII 0.60 Acre
21.  Ittehad Comm Park Ittehad Comm Ph-VII 0.50 Acre
22. Beach Park Clock Tower to Nishane Pakistan Seaview 35 Acre
23.  AK Khan Park Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue Ph-V (Jogging Track=510 Mtr) 12 Acre
24.  Ph-VII Ext Park Ph-VII Ext 0.5 Acre
25.  Khalid Shaheed Park Ph-VIII Zulfiqar Street (Jogging Track=1723 Mtr) 11 Acre
26.  VIP Park Ph-VIII 1.5 Acre
27.  16th Street Park Ph-VIII 1 Acre
28.  Creek Vista Park Ph-VIII 0.3 Acre
29.  Zulfiqar Street-3 Park Ph-VIII 1 Acre
30.  ST-6 Khaliq uz Zaman Park Block-8 Clifton 3.4 Acre
31.  ST-4 Abdullah Park Block-8 Clifton 0.82 Acre
32.  ST-2 Family Park (Moti Masjid) Block-8 Clifton 2.2 Acre
33.  Block 9 Park Near Forum Block 9 2.42 Acre
34.  Islamic Chamber Park Block-9 Infront of Islamic Chamber 1.5 Acre
35.  Jamohria Colony Park Near Railway Cantt Station 0.20 Acre
36.  P&T Colony Park P&T 0.5 Acre
37.  Javed Miandad Park P&T Colony near Altamash Dental 02 Acre


S.No Parks Location Acre
1.  Ittehad Road Green Belt Main Ittehad Road 4.5 KM
2. National Highway Green Belt Ph-1 Main Korangi Road 3.5 KM
3.  National Highway Green Belt Ph-2 Main Korangi Road 3.5 KM
4.  National Highway Green Belt Median Main Korangi Road 3.5 KM
5.  Sunset Road Green Belt Main Sunset Road 2.2 KM
6.  Beach Avenue Green Belt Abdul Sattar Avenue 4.5 KM
7.  Khaliq uz Zaman Road Green Belt Main Khaliq uz zaman Road 1.2 KM
8.  Block-9 Green Belt Near Forum Kh-e-Jami Road 01 KM
9.  Shahbaz Road Green Belt Main Shahbaz Road 2.5 KM
10.  Zulfiqar Avenue, I, II Golf Course Green Belt Ph-VIII Area 04 Km

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Cantt Executive Officer, CBC


S.No Parks Location
1.  Block-8 Nursery Preparation of Seasonal Flowers
2. Ph-II Nursery Preparation of Flower Show Plants

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